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Eco seq

Eco-Seq is a new service designed for the scientists who want to enjoy both the easiness
and flexibility in the DNA sequencing process.

If you have ever tried Macrogen's sequencing service s Standard-seq and EZ-seq, you already understand the Eco-Seq system, because it incorporates all the advantages of both services while getting rid of inconveniences, so that you can spend your precious time on research or relaxation, not on complexity of making orders.
The name Eco-Seq stands for both Economy and Ecology.
You will see why this new service deserves this name once you give it a try.

How to use Eco-Seq service
Order the labels
The process starts by ordering the Eco-seq labels.
Please make a visit to to order the labels.
Labels are available for Tubes and Plate. You can choose the type of label that you want to use.

Sample preparation
This new label does not require premixing of the template DNA with the primer. So all you need to put in the tube is 5µl of
50ng/µl purified DNA. If you are going to use any of our universal primers, all you need to prepare is just this
sample with the name of the sequencing primer to be used indicated on top of the tube.
(We send you a separate label for this.)
If you want to use your customized primer which is not in the list of our universal primers (you can find the list on the other side of this paper), you should send the primer in a separate tube along with the DNA samples. The amount should be 2µl of 5pmole/µl(5uM) per reaction, but we recommend you to put enough amount of primer - about 20% more than our
recommended amount.

Sample requirements
Plasmid: 100ng/µl (over 15kb not allowed), Minimum volume of 20µl

PCR products

Volume: 5-10µl
- Over 700bp: higher than 50ng/ul
- 300bp~700bp: 25-50ng/ul
- Less than 300bp: 10-15ng/µl

Volume: at least 20µl
- Over 700bp: higher than 70ng/µl
- 300bp~700bp: 50ng/µl
- Less than 300bp: 20-25ng/µl

You will receive two different types of labels. These two labels should be attached to each tube; The larger bottom part of the label is attached to on the side wall of tube (just like EZ-seq labels), and the other round label on top of the tube.

If you have specified the name of primers that you want to use when you made the order for labels, the names of primer shall be already printed on them. Otherwise you will receive blank labels, then please write down the name of the primer. If you want to use your own custom primer, please also write the primer name onto the label which you attach to the top of the primer tube.

Please send your samples to our lab in Amsterdam. You may use our free sample pick-up service if it is
available nearby, or use our free courier account number. The address to which the samples should be sent is :
Macrogen Europe
Meribergdreef 31
1105AZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

That's it. Very simple!