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Transcriptome Sequencing
Whole / mRNA-focused Transcriptome Sequencing
Transcriptome sequencing using next generation sequencing is a fast and reliable method for characterizing all transcriptional activities, including coding and non-coding sequences. MACROGEN provides whole mRNA transcript expression analysis, enabling rapid profiling of gene expression and profound investigation of the whole transcriptome, such as novel gene discovery, identification of novel SNPs and InDels, novel splice variant detection, chromosomal rearrangement discovery.
Sequencing platform
• HiSeq2000/2500
• MiSeq system
• Ion Proton/PGM
• GS-FLX Titanium / Plus
Data Analysis*
Gene expression data
• Quantitative expression profiles
• Gene ontology analysis
De novo sequencing
• Standard data analysis
- De novo Assembly Statistics
- Gene expression profile
- Differentially Expressed Genes(DEGs)
• Advanced data analysis
- Gene Annotations / Gene Set Analysis
- Comparative analysis
- Gene ontology analysis
Re sequencing
• Standard data analysis
- Mapping Statistics
- Gene expression profile
- SNPs and InDels calling by mapping to reference genome
• Advanced data analysis
- Fusion gene, Customized analysis
Small RNA Sequencing
Particularly, small RNA molecules encoded from genomes are responsible for regulating the gene expression. MACROGEN's NGS technology is able to identify and quantify all the small RNA families in a sample and profile the miRNA, siRNA, piRNA and other non-coding RNAs
Data Analysis*
Standard data analysis
• Expression Profiles
• Novel smRNA
• Differentially Expressed miRNA
Advanced data analysis
• Advanced data analysis
• Gene Set Analysis
• Comparative Analysis
*Data Analysis may vary depending on the availability of reference and the type of platform.
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