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What is Additional Order?
Library DNA QC Criteria
RNA QC Criteria
DNA QC Criteria
[Library QC method] Library Size Check
[DNA QC method] Assesing the condition of the DNA : Done by gel electrophoresis method.
[Analysis-Expression/miRNA] Why is there an overlapping gene?
[Analysis-TaqMan qPCR] Can you provide probe sequence information?
[Analysis-aCGH] Which Agilent CNV segmentation algorithm is used?
[Analysis-SNP] What does the basic service for SNP analysis includes?
[Analysis-SNP] What kind of files are required for designing a customized SNP chip?
[Analysis-SNP] What are the procedures for designing VeraCode?
[Analysis-SNP] Once VeraCode chip designing is complete, how long would it takes to receive?
How do I use the extra sample or primer which was delivered along with the previous shipment?
How can I save the shipping fee if I need to send samples (or primers ) repeatedly for the held reactions?
I can't place an order by online due to computer system error.
Is there any restriction on reaction numbers per order?
Can I modify the sample name (or primer name) before sequencing?
Do I need to place an order separately depending on the sample condition?
How do I pack the plates to avoid potential damages in transit?
Do I need to place an order before sending samples to Macrogen?
Free Shipping to Macrogen Inc. (Korea) or Macrogen Europe (The Netherlands)
Glycerol Concentration
Do you synthesize a primer?
Will you keep my samples?
May I place an order in Maryland Branch?
Is there minimum number of samples in sequencing order?
Do I need to use on-line system all the time?
What is the average read length?
What kind of machines you use?
What kind of computer system is required for on-line system?
Universal primers available in Macrogen
What are your preferred methods of purification?
How much is it to run the samples with unsatisfactory results again?
Only a partial number of samples were processed.
How long does it take to get my results back?
I cannot unzip the result file.
I haven't received my results yet.
I cannot open AB1 files.
How long the results are stored in your web page?
How can I order online?
I haven't received the arrival notice yet. What happened?
How long are my samples kept in freezer of Macrogen?
Should I send the primers along with the template DNA?
Could you please advise when samples will be picked up?
Concentration of plasmid / PCR product
Do I need to put dry ice or any chilling material in the parcel?
Fedex is not available in my location. How can I send the samples?
How many samples should I send to be eligible for the free shipping by Fedex?
Shipment Address
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