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Macrogen offers the Oligonucleotide DNA synthesis service applying the cutting-edge technology and the state-of-the-art facility. The Macrogen self-developed MOPC™ purification approach shows similar efficiency as PAGE or HPLC purification methods. This will be performed as a basic specification for all orders free of charge. To provide high quality of oligo DNA, Macrogen performs strict quality control check by MALDI-TOF.

All information of the oligonucleotide DNA synthesis orders will be managed by our integrated LIMS and is able to share with other services (DNA Sequencing, MicroArray, Next-Gen Sequencing) for your research. Macrogen ensure that our Oligo DNA synthesis service will help you save the cost and time.
Synthesized oligonucleotide DNA will directly send to requester if order made through this individual order page. On the other hand, in case of using Macrogen sequencing service after oligonucleotide DNA synthesis, one must enter into “sequencing service order page” where there is option of oligonucleotide DNA order for sequencing.
- Automatic synthesis process by Mermade192 (Bioautimation, USA)
- Strict quality control check by MALDI-TOF
- Real-time monitoring of the whole process available by unique LIMS
- Quick delivery through express currier
   (using FedEx International shipping)
- 'Oligo DNA Design Tool' please