Oligo Delivery Tip


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Oligo Delivery Tip
Regular oligo
(below 35mer)
Regular oligo
(above 35mer)
Modified oligo
synthesis beginning period Begins 4PM & 10PM
every business days
Begins 6PM
every business days
Begins 5PM
every Tuesday.
Main traits In case where requested oligo has a length that is shorter than average (lower than approximately 20mer), the yielded OD rate can be lower than our guaranteed OD rate. Even in such case it is possible to receive the data requested
(possibly lower OD rate than guaranteed).
*In case we have overrated amount of extended length of oligo synthesis orders, the completion date may be delayed.

*Oligo over 90mer will be provided without MALDI results.
*Only processed if two or more Probe (dye) of same kind is requested.

* MALDI results are not provided for 'CY' oligos.