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Customized seq
For over a decade, Macrogen Inc. has been dedicating to provide genomic solutions to researchers in all over the world with its advanced DNA sequencing technology by using 23 ABI 3730XLs.
Thanks to over 10 years long know-how and large genomics facility, we are able to provide our sequencing service for any other individuals or institutes at the most competitive price. From small scale sequencing reactions to large sequencing projects, we are ready to serve you with our pleasure.

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Difficult sequencing
" Sequencing of Difficult DNA templates" is specified for templates which are not successful in normal sequencing condition done by BigDye v.3.1, AB.
This service has different rate of price and it is sequenced with more customized condition and
reagent. For more information, please
You may not get expected sequences depending on sample characteristics.

16s rRNA
Starting from bacterial cell, we provide all inclusive service performing DNA extraction, PCR,
sequencing and assemble. 1,300bp or longer sequence is guaranteed for domain bacteria.
For more information, please

18S /ITS & 26S rRNA Full Sequencing
It is getting more popular to define species by using sequence information. This service is to find out rRNA sequence by sequencing DNA corresponding to the rRNA.
In case of eukaryote, after rRNA full sequencing, we can find out the similarity of customer's microorganism with microogarnism in NCBI.
Starting from fungi cell, we provide all inclusive service performing DNA extraction, PCR,
sequencing and assemble.

1. Analysis on 18S rRNA region sequences; length greater than 1,600 bp guaranteed.
2. Analysis on ITS region (18S prior to update); length greater than 500 bp guaranteed.
3. Analysis on rRNA gene(D1/D2/D3 region) length greater than 1,300 bp guaranteed.
For more information, please

Primer walking
This service is to read 2~15kb of sequence with PCR product or plasmid DNA that cannot be read
fully by single primer extension sequencing. Once performing end sequencing with designated
primer by customer, we design internal primers with reference to end sequence data.
Necessary walking continues with the same method until the whole region is covered. About one
week is taken to read 1~1.5kb by primer walking.

Fragment Analysis
Fragment Analysis encompasses a wide variety of genotyping, DNA profiling, and mutation detection techniques for medical, environmental, and agricultural research. Macrogen Inc. provides the Fragment Analysis based on our accumulated experience and know-how in genomics. In general, it is used for amplified fragments' size check only. Since PCR
amplification is not available through this service, fluorescent-labeled PCR products should be
supplied as Microsatellite Analysis(VNTRs) samples.
For more information, please

Service Applications :
> Microsatellite Instability
> Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP) Analysis
> Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (T-RFLP) Analysis
> Relative Fluorescent Quantization - Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH), Aneuploidy Assays,
  and Large Chromosomal Deletion Detection
> Sequence-related amplified polymorphism (SRAP) provides a useful tool for estimation of
  genetic diversity and phenetic relationships in natural and domesticated populations.

Human ID
Human ID Service is DNA analysis service which utilizes Multiplex-PCR Kit composed of STR(Short Tandem Rpeat) locus. This service goes like below, Human ID Service allows analysis
of optimal quality peaks using PCR products by configuring the proper concentration prior to processing under 3730XL.

Besides the main purpose of the cloning, we can improve the sequencing results through this cloning service for contaminated PCR products which usually show double peak in chromatogram.
This service goes like below,
- Step 1. Making plasmid by inserting a customer's PCR products into vector (T-vector or Blunt-vector)
- Step 2. Inserting the plasmid into bacteria cell for culture
- Step 3. Cell extraction for the plasmids
Please note that a customer shall inform us that which type of DNA polymerase was used in PCR
before sending samples because vector for usage totally depends on the existence of pfu-taq in DNA polymerase.
For more information, please

Human mtDNA Full Length Sequencing
We provide direct sequencing of amplified 16,659 base pair human mitochondria DNA genes.
- Performing whole processes including PCR, sequencing, and assembling.
- Production of PCR products using 14 PCR primer sets, base sequence analysis using 39
  sequencing primers, formation of full contig using each sequencing data.
- Time required : 14 days after Sample QC.

SNP analysis service is highly flexible to any specific project requirements.
SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) occurs every 100 to 300 bases along the human genome
and account for about 90% of all genetic variations. SNPs could predispose people to disease or influence their response to a drug.
We offer a complete package of SNP discovery sequencing services by this step below,
PCR optimization => PCR amplification => Purification => Sequencing => SNP discovery
We provide high-throughput SNP Analysis by using ABI3730XL, automated DNA sequencer, and the result will be available within approximately two (2) weeks.
For more information, please

Library construction
Macrogen Inc. provides various services to analyze genome by using various approaches
such as Shotgun, cDNA, BAC, Cosmid, and Fosmid. The service is supported by using ABI 3730XL capillary sequencer after the library production. Sequencing and library construction can be separately ordered.

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