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Ez seq

EZ-Seq service is DNA sequencing service that we devised for the purpose of simplifying the process of making order.
It's just like purchasing the coupons for sequencing, which are provided in a form of bar-code labels. Once you have the labels in your hands, you don't even need to fill in the complicated order forms, or retrieving the results, or activating barcodes. Also, you won't get every individual invoices per order.
All you need to do is to put samples and primer in tubes or plates and send to Macrogen.

Macrogen EZ-Seq Brochure Download
EZ-Seq Frequenltly asked questions(FAQ)

Download 'EZ-Seq Service Guideline' (General)
Download 'EZ-Seq User Guide' (for Europe)

How to use EZ-Seq service
1. Request the Ez-seq label from us at http://dna.macrogen-singapore.com/eng/order/ces/ezseq/ezseq_step1.jsp
2. EZ-seq labels shall be delivered to you very soon.
3. Please attach the label on your tubes or plates of the premixed samples.
4. Send the samples to Macrogen Inc.
5. You will receive the results by email.
How to prepare samples
- 5µl of 50ng/µl PCR product + 5µl of 5pmole/µl primer
- 5µl of 100ng/µl plasmid + 5µl of 5pmole/µl primer
- No retrial is provided.

- How to stick the label